Ron Dyer Centre

001 outside

The Dyer Centre can be booked for family gatherings after Baptisms, Funerals etc

004 inside

It is right next to St Mary's Church

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Marriage is a covenant between husband and wife in which they invite God as a witness and partner. A wedding is a celebration, which establishes this three-way bond.

Weddings are celebrated at St Mary's Church, 42 Ridge St, North Sydney.


All weddings are to be booked online. Please begin by clicking the month in which you wish to reserve your wedding date. To check availability for your desired date, click the month, then "Continue Booking". The availabilities for each parish can then be seen by clicking your preferred venue on the following page.







The Marriage Registrar

The registrar is the contact for all inquiries about wedding bookings in the parish and parishioners marrying outside the parish and/or overseas.

The staff at the registrar will assist couples in planning a wedding by:

  • Providing information (costs, marriage preparation courses, musicians and soloists etc) and advising on procedures.
  • Gathering the information and documentation necessary for the priest to complete the church and state documents.

Important notice: Changes to Wedding bookings during Covid - 19. Please contact the Parish Office 89184101   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.