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The First Spiritual Exercises

Tasting the First Spiritual Exercises

Experience this extraordinary gift of Ignatius to bring one into intimate relationship with the Lord and companionship with others.

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The First Spiritual Exercises are for parishioners, young and senior, individuals, couples, partners, parents, grandparents, ministry teams, committees, students, colleagues, friends. For everyone!


Spiritual Direction in the Ignatian Tradition

In the OLW parish community we are fortunate to have several trained spiritual directors who have been formed in the Ignatian tradition and other Christian traditions of accompaniment.

If you would like to meet with a Spiritual Director, you are welcome to approach Frances Tilly at the Parish office for the names of qualified spiritual directors who work in this ministry in the parishes of Our Lady of the Way. Frances Tilly

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A Cresting Wave
cresting wave

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THE SENDING BLESSING for Givers of the First Spiritual Exercises

Bless my feet, Lord,
as I go out to give the First Spiritual Exercises.
Bless my mind with the confidence to explain it.
Bless my mouth for each exercise I give.
Free me from any anxieties.
Bless my ears to be a good spiritual conversation guide.
Bless my lips to converse with humility.
Bless my heart to discern your movements.
Free me from selfishness.
Bless my eyes to see you at work in my receiver.
Bless my soul with loving reverence for her or him.
Bless my body to feel the rhythms of this retreat.
Free me from distractions.
Bless my hands to be empty of baggage.
Bless my nose to find the holy desires.
Bless my tongue to accept my receiver’s hospitality.
Free me from attachments.
Bless my whole self, to be a giver of your peace.
You have freed me for it, love, now send me.

The First Spiritual Exercises hit the streets

exercisesbookFr Michael Hansen SJ says he hopes the launch of his new book will help open up even more people to a model of spirituality that harkens back to Ignatius’ earliest ministry.

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The Story of the First Spiritual Exercises

This is a story you need to know, for you are a part of it.

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