ecology Group


The Ecology group was formed in August 2008, with the objective of promoting a Christian outlook to maintenance and care of our physical environment.

Initial activities of the group included:

  • Facilitation of an energy audit of the presbytery and each of the three church buildings;
  • Regular educational contributions to the Parish Newsletter;
  • Awareness/discussion evening based on the film “An Inconvenient Truth”.

Over time, our group experienced a spiritual awakening… any concern for creation leads to deeper questions of human relationship with God, our Creator.

Our experience was a movement from the head to the heart and is what Pope John Paul II referred to as ’ecological conversion’ that is consistent with the Jesuit call, ‘Reconciliation with Creation.’

Anne Boyd csb speaks about an emerging consciousness:

‘We are part of an evolving Christian tradition, so we are trying to find meaning within that context. The cycle of life, death, resurrection is …the grammar of the Universe: emergence, chaos, transformation... We have it only in a human context, but if you put it in a total life context, you deepen and expand the role of the human in the whole universe story.’

(Madonna, Jesuit Publication, Nov-Dec. 2004)

We are on a Spiritual Journey, seeking deeper relations with God, creation, ourselves and our neighbour.

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