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"Dear Lord,
May we always be mindful of your teaching: Love God & love your neighbour."

There are many reasons why I admire Pope Francis

There are many reasons why I admire Pope Francis. One is the clarity, the simplicity of his language.

In my life I have often found that if I could express my thoughts in a few simple words, I was better able to be sure of what i was saying and be more successful in my communication with others. Of course, it usually take much more time to reduce thoughts, ideas, concepts, submissions to a short statement composed of simple words and clear concepts, thus understood by more people. It's like the difference between a well prepared short homily and lengthy waffle which is boring, repetitiious and, ultimately, unconvincing.

But back to FI; here is a link to recent article about the messages which Pope Francis is inviting us to consider with him in Advent. There language is simple and the messages are short.

The Gospels suggest that Jesus was also a fan of clear comnmunication. The words attributed to him are simple and clear and thus compelling.

The two great commandments are very good examples; love God and love my Neighbour. The command to love all of humanity, indeed all of creation, has no conditions or limitations. It is a challenge to love all people unconditionally.

There are no exceptions; certainly not race, colour, gender or religion.

That serious criminals share a religion, language and nationality with many others is no basis for denying love. Many others, the teachers, mothers, doctors, fathers, singers, children, farmers, lawyers, inventors, carers etc share the same characteristics. They share with the rest of the world the basic desires for peace and freedom, to be treated fairly, to use their God given talents and to have the opportunity to raise their children and live their lives in peace and security. 

Perhaps in this Advent we can start anew to love all unconditionally.

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