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"Dear Lord,
May we always be mindful of your teaching: Love God & love your neighbour."

Afflick role model

Of course, all Muslims are not radicals, extremists, fundamentalists, murderers, but what seems to be absent, with some heroic exceptions, is the emphatic condemnation by Muslim communities of the fatal excesses of radicals, extremists, fundamentalists, murderers.  Among the exceptions were the two Muslim fathers, Dr Rifi and Mr Eloued, if I remember their names correctly, who did courageously speak out, and received excellent press coverage, which certainly would have made them soft targets devoid of security for anyone inclined to take a shot at them. 

Without wishing to draw a parallel, I am reminded of the fact that all Germans were not members of the Gestapo, but with some heroic exceptions, Sophie Scholl and her brother, Bonhoeffer, Schleicher, von Dohnanyi, among others, the Germans were silent.

I believe round condemnation by Muslim communities of the barbarity of IS and their like, and of the exhortations to hatred here in Australia, would very positively fight the deplorable bigotry and racism which this article showcases.

On a lighter note, I enjoyed Pearl Harbour!



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