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"Dear Lord,
May we always be mindful of your teaching: Love God & love your neighbour."

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Know your neighbour, love your neighbour.

Since I am unable to post my reply in Fr. Aloysious Mowe's blog titled, 'Do we see Australian Muslims as the Trojan Horse inside our walls?' -- I thought it might be best to begin a seperate post, even though it's a direct reply to elements of his thread in answering the question in his title.

Interesting post Fr. Mowe, I acknowledge you have taken the time from your busy schedule to raise this matter for consideration and comment. Whilst I know that computers exist and there is this thing called the internet where one can even go to seek out Muslims condemning violence and terror, I humbly believe you may be missing a critical point in your understanding of the matter. Indeed I can prove it.

I don't believe this is an issue about people finding satisfaction for themselves about the perception of Muslims in our society by hearing Muslims condemn violence and terror. It is a much deeper matter than that, I believe, and you touch on it when you provide us with the quote from the tumblr post: "[i]Lurking behind many demands for Muslims to condemn acts of terror committed by Muslims or done allegedly in the name of the Islamic faith: it is a fundamental distrust of the Islamic religion, and of all Muslims.[/i]" And then go on to ask the important question: "[i]Why are Australian Muslims expected to condemn Muslim extremists in the Middle East?[/i]"

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