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Teresa House is a welcoming home for those who are homeless situated in the inner city suburb of Surry Hills and is one of several homes operated by Cana Communities.

Teresa House can accommodate 10 guests, providing each of them with a home-cooked dinner, a bed and a light breakfast the next morning.

Since April 2004 the  Parish of our Lady of the Way has been responsible for the meal shift on Sunday from 6 to 9 pm and the overnight shift from 9 pm to 7 am Monday morning.

For more information, please see Teresa House Wepage on Cana Communities Website

Teresa House - Our Parish ministry to those who are homeless

Since April 2004, the Parish of Our Lady of the Way has been assisting Cana Communities in their ministry to those who are homeless in our city by providing volunteers to Teresa House in Surry Hills on Sunday nights/Monday mornings. At our last committee meeting for 2013, the role of chair held by Francis Gross for the last three years, was passed on to David Lukas who was elected unopposed. A word of acknowledgement that is due to Francis Gross. One of the first things Francis did as Chair of the Committee was to meet all 70 or so volunteers , one by one, as each was rostered on Sunday nights over a good period of time. His attention to detail and care for those who are homeless has truly been exemplary. Through his leadership the ministry has been maintained and indeed grew stronger. In his farewell address Francis wrote: "I have found my time at Teresa House to be most rewarding, making new friends and being grateful to God for all the blessings he has bestowed on me. I could not have passed through my 3 years as chair without the absolutely rock-solid support of Karen Westall as our co-ordinator. Karen’s hard work and patience in working on the roster, organising the Christmas hampers and her big role in project managing the new kitchen are testament to what a treasure we have in Karen. Also, my thanks to Edwin Galea, our pastoral associate responsible for Teresa House, for his assistance and calm guidance. With Karen and Edwin as team members I could not have found a better combination."

We wish Francis well as he moves on to be of service in another ministry outside our parish to those who are on the margins of society. In his closing remarks Francis said, "David Lukas brings vitality, purpose, dedication and youthful energy to the position of chair of this ministry and I know without a doubt that the reins of the committee have passed into excellent hands". Thank you Francis and to David Lukas in this worthwhile work of the Parish. New Volunteers at Teresa House A recent drive for volunteers generated 75 initial responses of interest from our three parishes. Since then and after further consideration we now have 38 new people mostly in the overnight shift an area where we needed new volunteers. The ministry overall has around 100 possible volunteers who will serve in their respective capacity on a Sunday night and overnight to Monday morning.