Sick & Housebound


There are many challenges for our parishioners facing aging, physical disabilities or illness, and an important grace for them is to receive a visit from a parishioner offering the Eucharist or simply spending time with them for a chat. This simple act sustains them spiritually and helps them to feel connected to the Parish in a tangible and ongoing way.

We have a dedicated group of parishioners who undertake visits on a weekly basis across a diverse range of locations. At present, we are visiting parishioners in:

  • Their homes
  • James Milson Village
  • St Columba’s Retirement Centre
  • Xavier Terrace Retirement Village
  • Greenwich Hospital
  • North Haven Nursing Home

Please note that our local hospitals (Royal North Shore and Mater) maintain their own Pastoral Teams and visit patients to offer the Eucharist. Parishioners need to ensure that they register as a Catholic on admission to ensure they receive these visits.


If you become aware of someone in our Parish who would like to receive a visit from one of our dedicated volunteers, call the Coordinator below.

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer to visit the Sick and Housebound, please call the Coordinator below.

CONTACT Peter Walden –0448.474.629