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"Dear Lord,
May we always be mindful of your teaching: Love God & love your neighbour."

Not from the Pulpit - Fr. Andrew Bullen SJ – Parish Priest

Ordinary time again, as the Church calls it, and over 30 weeks of it ahead through the year.

Green is the colour – hope, greenery, life; the ordinary makings of our day.

How ordinary is ordinary?                                                  

This year we are going to go through this ordinary time with Mark’s gospel, the toughest of the four. 

Jesus has a tough time of it with his disciples, let alone with the religious leaders.  The demons have a tough and brisk time of it with Jesus. 

In Mark’s world there are indeed demons, and they have to be dealt with: whatever burdens human beings and puts and   keeps us in chains is demonic / demonical. Jesus has the power to give them the flick, and they make a lot of noise as they flee; Jesus comes to liberate humanity from our burdens, however immense.

In presenting this Mark’s gospel has stark imaginative energy and intense moral force; it’s the gospel that expects believing readers to be hauled off by the Romans or the Gestapo (the demon). Mark shows that if Jesus’ way was tough, then his followers must expect it to be so for them. It shows the disciples jibbing at this (yes, me too). 

In this gospel, more than the others, Jesus is presented as dying utterly alone; only after he has died are we told that there were some women watching and grieving. 

Ordinary? Such a costly gain of hope and liberation; an ‘ordinariness’ as deep as life itself.

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