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Michael Gill's Report & link to Getting Back on Mission



This book, which encapsulates the submissions of Catholics for Renewal to Plenary 2020 had its Sydney launch in the Parish on the  21st November 2019.

Peter Wilkinson, a founder and author spoke of the history behind Catholics for Renewal and the Book.

Our own Chris Geraghty captivated an audience of 70+ ( numbers, not age!) with a focus on clericalism as the major scourge He opened

“Look, let’s cut to the chase.

Jesus’ enemy was clericalism – and our enemy today is the same beast.

What is it? And how does it manifest itself? What does clericalism look like?”

He covered many of the books issues and concluded with a few of his own....focusing on the most disadvantaged in our community and the challenge of our church to be with them. Michael Gill.


 Let's, cut to the chase! Click on the link below.

Getting Back on Mission 

A Silver Lining & Parish Bulletin


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