Our Mission Statement

In the name of Jesus and in the spirit of Ignatius,
we are communities, reaching out and welcoming others.
Graced by the sacraments we share a lifelong journey.
An explanation follows for each phrase within our Mission Statement:

In the name of Jesus
We help each other to find Jesus
while sharing his message within the parish community.

……in the spirit of Ignatius
We make Ignatian spirituality accessible,
assisting individuals and groups to become more open 
to the experience of God’s action.

Our faith communities are designed to help people
grow towards an increasing awareness of Jesus as God-with-us.

Inspired by the deep sense of relationship of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
and our being baptised into that relationship,
we strive to be a community of world affirming, caring people reaching out to others.

We understand how important is the welcome we offer
to anyone who approaches us for the first time.
We invest resources and effort to ensure that our liturgy
shows a genuinely welcoming face.

graced by the sacraments
Christ is being formed in us by his loving self-gift, pre-eminently in the Eucharist:
we highlight significant life moments by rites of passage.

sharing a lifelong journey
Throughout a lifetime, experiences occur that are powerful enough
to reveal the depth of each person’s God-touched humanity.